FATE develops own lesson plan, method and approach for its free English camp


The Filipino Ajarns Toward Education (FATE) was established on 30 September 2014 and kicked off its free English camp activities under its own brand of English camp at Wat Kaew Silaram School at Phanat Nikhorm, Chonburi from 15-16 Nov 2014.

FATE’s free English camp will significantly improve Thai students’ communication skills in 50 hours or 10 five-hour sessions.

The lesson plan was prepared in cooperation with a government school and was based on three direct English camps experience done by FATE and on five experience held by other Filipino and Native English speaker groups.

The founder of FATE and some of its current member have started providing free English camp services on 26-27 April 2014 when  Amando Eufemio, the founder of FATE and the then president of the Association of Filipinos in Thailand (AFT), agreed with Sakchai Tejavej, district governor of Lions Club International District 310 C, to hold a 2-day English camp activity at Wat Kaew SIlaram School in Phanat Nikhorm, Chonburi.

The first Phanat Nikhorm free Englsih camp was followed by a free English camp at Ban Rawoeng School in Sriracha, Chonburi on 24-26 July 2014.


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