Filipina teacher wins first round against illegal salary deductions


Filipino teacher wins first round fight against recruiter

Filipino teacher wins first round fight against recruitment agency.

Photo of a labour seminar at the Philppine embassy

A Filipino teacher of a government school outside Bangkok has reaped the first reward of her solo fight against illegal agency salary deductions by getting the actual pay as stated in her renewed employment contract with the same school.

For a couple of years, the teacher had had to bear the illegal monthly deductions purportedly to cover the costs of work permit processing, income taxes and other expenses.

The said teacher, on her own and despite threats by the department head with dismissal, getting black-listed and police action, finally filed a complaint at the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

According to her a dialogue was called with the school to discuss the issue, which turned out be just enough for her to receive the full pay written in her new employment contract with the same school.

Her complaint ignited an infighting among the respondents, in which the school director disavowed any knowledge of the issue and left the school department head, the recruitment agency and some Filipinos directly responsible.

The second and third parts of her complaint are still pending.

She sought the assistance of the government labour office to have the agency return in full the deductions already made by the said company.

The teacher’s name and the school’s, and other details have been purposely left out so as not to jeopardise the case.


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