About FATE

The Filipino Ajarns Toward Education (FATE) is an organisation of professional Filipino teachers in Thailand.

Any opinion written in bylined articles are the author’s and not FATE’s. Contributors to this website are not necessarily from the teaching profession.

It’s core activity is to help and assist less fortunate Thai students, as well as children and adults with handicaps, to learn and improve on their English conversation skills through its free out-of-the-classroom (OOTC) education such as English camp, English club, English Immersion Programme, etc.

Its OOTC programme is divided into several levels. Upon completion of its programme, participants will have gained sufficient vocabulary and communication skills to understand everyday routines and general matters of interest, and will have gained confidence in conversing on general matters of interest.

FATE provides its services for free and/or sponsored as a gesture of goodwill to Thais from Filipino teachers and other Filipinos in Thailand who support FATE and its activities.

Through these core activities, FATE will strengthen further the friendship between Filipino teachers and the Thai people, especially children and students. FATE wishes to highlight the contributions of Filipino teachers in the Thai English Programme and education as a whole; provide new skills set to Filipino teachers, and conduct needed knowledge and know-how seminars for Filipinos and Filipino teachers in Thailand.

Our website also serves as a resource site and a knowledge base for health and work related needs of Filipino teachers in Thailand.

For more information, please contact us.

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